Every piece of HOA mail
delivered digitally.

Improve communication and participation, all while decreasing paper consumption. A win-win for management, homeowners, and the environment.

The Digital Delivery Solution

In 2022, homeowners deserve to have important information delivered to them the minute it becomes available.

With Hoampage’s easy to use mobile and desktop application, every mailing placed through Page Per Page

can be delivered instantaneously with Digital Delivery.



Allow homeowners to opt-in to Digital Delivery instead of receiving mail via USPS, and save an average of $1 per piece of mail.



Moving towards digital communication allows management and homeowners to meet its needs while conserving valuable resources, like paper.



Everyone wants quick and easy. Well, there is simply nothing easier than opening up an app to learn something, say something, or do something.



Say goodbye to stress-inducing rush mailings. Homeowners receive important, time-sensitive information quicker than a mailing ever could.

How It Works...

All mailings placed through Page Per Page including Digital Delivery, will be printed and mailed with instructions

for homeowners on how to register for Hoampage and receive Digital Delivery.

Select 'Include Digital Delivery' while placing a mailing order.


Customize and schedule your digital delivery.


Approve mailing, and we will take care of the rest!

no subscription necessary

digital delivery solution

$ 0.19 Per registered homeowner / mailing
  • Save an average of $1 per piece of mail by allowing homeowners to receive Digital Delivery of all HOA mailings. Digital Delivery fee is waived for homeowners who choose a hybrid of USPS and Digital Delivery.

Do you order coupon books for your communities? Get a head start on 2023 Digital Coupon Books!

Save an average of $1.50/book, deliver payment reminders, and include ‘Pay Now’ option –

directing homeowners straight to your preferred payment portal.

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