Why do we need an HOA website?

Our Answer:

There are plenty of reasons why both management and homeowners should take advantage of an HOA website. When done right, it is truly the greatest tool for communication.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of having a well-functioning HOA website:


Management companies often get a bad reputation when it comes to communicating with homeowners. Whether it is a lapse in response time, not communicating enough, or even at all – it is no wonder homeowners become frustrated quickly. Taking advantage of basic tools provided by your HOA website is one of the simplest ways to avoid these issues. 


Providing an online payment option is the key to receiving on-time assessment payments. Homeowner payment portals should be easy to locate and easy to access. This is all made possible with the right HOA website. 


An HOA website is the perfect place to upload important documents, including CC&R’s, by-laws and rules and regulations. Ensuring these documents are accessible, organized and up-to-date is essential to keeping homeowners educated and informed about their HOA. 


At the end of the day, community management deals with communities. Communities are made up of families. Families are made of people. And people are social. An HOA website can provide a safe space to build a better, more connected community.

An HOA Website alternative…

A lot goes into creating, hosting and maintaining a website, especially when dealing with sensitive homeowner information. If your HOA website has become somewhat of a burden, then maybe it is time to look into Hoampage. Hoampage’s digital platform is an HOA website alternative that makes it easy for community associations and homeowners to work together to maintain a more efficient, informed, connected community, all at an affordable price.

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