The Best HOA App for Easier Communication in Your Community

For any HOA, communication is key to success and efficiency. It’s crucial to keep homeowners informed and connected with their community, allowing everyone’s voice to be heard and represented. 

Without effective HOA communication, residents will grow disconnected from their neighborhood, which can threaten dues collections, elections, and participation in community events. That’s why you should meet homeowners where they are with an HOA app from Hoampage.

Hoampage is an essential tool for communities of all sizes providing a convenient hub for all communication needs and more.

What is Hoampage? 

Designed to meet the needs of HOA communities, Hoampage is a digital platform that allows homeowners to stay connected using a free, mobile app. 

With a simple step-by-step process, HOAs can customize their community account with specific features empowering them to improve community communication quickly and seamlessly.  

Hoampage’s Features

While you could technically use any website builder to create an HOA website, only Hoampage offers a process built specifically for community associations. As such, you can expect to find all the features you’d want––payment portals, forums, and document hosting––and none of the stuff you don’t need. 


Powered by Page Per Page, a leader in the community associations industry, Hoampage allows you to create your own HOA account. With no coding or design experience required, you can easily activate and deactivate features depending on the needs of your HOA.. 

Payment Portal

Sending community dues through email is laborious and inefficient. That’s why Hoampage offers a dedicated payment portal. Not only can homeowners pay their dues directly from their computer or phone, but they’ll also receive email and mobile app notifications for upcoming payments. 

Community Forums

With Hoampage community forums, residents of your neighborhood can freely discuss and connect, yet allowing administrators the ability to moderate all conversations. For example, many communities set up a forum wherein they can post job offers for yard work, home projects, or babysitters. 

Sale Listings

Unlike Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist, which are open to anyone with an internet connection, a neighborhood “for sale” page allows you to buy and sell exclusively with members of your community. 

Mobile App

Each of Hoampage’s features is also accessible through the Hoampage mobile app. Available at no extra cost, this app can help you stay constantly updated with the happenings of your community. 

Why Hoampage’s Mobile App Is The Best

Creating a mobile app can cost anywhere from $10,000 to over $60,000––not to mention that app development can take months to complete. Hoampage, however, is both simple and affordable, costing $500 per year per community with complete setup achievable in a matter of hours. 

The Limits of NextDoor

While apps like NextDoor bill themselves as a way to connect communities, these services are based solely on a user’s location, meaning anyone strolling through the neighborhood can begin interacting with your community. 

Hoampage, however, is only accessible to those who you invite. This creates a more exclusive experience for your community, allowing residents to better connect with one another and feel safe. 

Improves Communication

As with any governing body, the key to an HOA’s success is effective communication. If homeowners are made aware of payment dates, meeting times, upcoming votes, and other community information, then they’ll be more likely to participate. 

The Hoampage mobile app offers:

  • Digital Delivery: Homeowners can now choose to receive all HOA mail via the Hoampage app, allowing them instant access to pertinent information and saving you and the HOA postage costs and valuable time.
  • Voting: In addition to posting the dates for meetings, the Hoampage app also allows you to conduct voting through the app, thereby streamlining the process of counting votes by hand. 
  • Ease of Use: Depending on the age of your community’s residents, you might be concerned about an app’s learning curve. Fortunately, the Hoampage mobile app is incredibly intuitive with easy-to-navigate menus. 
  • Forums: Compared to HOA board meetings and important community documents, Hoampage forums allow community members to connect on less formal matters. 

Through useful features laid out in a simplified interface, Hoampage creates a way to engage with homeowners wherever they are. If you’re looking to make your HOA more efficient, then Hoampage’s easy-to-use mobile and desktop application is the place to start.

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